A – Z Outdoor Winter Scavenger Hunt

Don’t let the cold stop you from having fun outdoors this winter. Wrap up warm, fill up your travel mug with a hot drink and take a family walk around the community using our A – Z Scavenger Hunt!

A- Acorn

B- Bug

C- Christmas Tree

D- Decorations

E- Evergreen Tree

F- Fish 

G- Gnome

H- Holly 

I- Ice 

J- Jogger

K- Knight

L- Leaves

M- Mountain

N- Nest

O- Oak

P- Pond 

Q- Queue

R- River

S- Statue 

T- Tree

U- Umbrella 

V- Van

W- White Flower 

X- (Make an ‘X’ with something found in nature)

Y- Yellow Plant 

Z- Zebra Crossing